Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bedtime Worship

Play hard, sleep hard

When we put Samuel to bed each night, we incorporate a bit of praise and worship in our routine. It's a special time, bonding while we worship God together in singing and prayer. Sometimes he joins in for a little bit and sometimes he just lays on the floor and enjoys the music. Richie or I sing capella and somehow Samuel doesn't seem to mind. ;)

Saturday night, Richie and Caleb were out of town and Samuel was a little sad that Richie was gone. He's gotten used to Richie putting him to bed since Abigail was born and usually asks for him to do it now. Something I'm happy about, but truthfully a little sad as well.

So, things were out of routine already. Samuel was upset and I was getting a little frustrated. I decided to just start singing. Samuel stopped whining and I began to just focus on the Lord. Then the presence of God filled his small room and it was wonderful. Or rather, wonder-full.

There we were just sitting on his floor, mommy and toddler, soaking it in. Peace. Comfort. Joy. We've enjoyed this experience before, but the faithfulness of God never ceases to amaze me and what a precious memory God has given me in it.