Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Random Thoughts on Having a Daughter

Sweet Abigail. How you've changed my life! I am so thankful God saw fit to add you to our family. I am so very excited to have you as my daughter. It has added a whole new dimension to my life that I didn't know existed and to think you're only a couple weeks old. :)

Your brothers are so sweet and gentle with you. When Caleb found out that he would have a sister, one of the first things he said was, "Nobody better mess with her." And I believe it. They are also ready to teach you all sorts of things. I think you will be a very well-rounded girl - tea parties in the mud. :)

It was really special to hear daddy say, "My two girls", when he looked at us.

I am having a lot more fun with girl clothes than I thought I would. You're so cute in your little outfits! Even just onesies with flowers on them.

I have found myself on occasion ready to close your diaper quickly then I realize with great relief that I will not be sprayed in the face. How nice!

It is still slightly strange to see something pink or "girlie" in the clothes hamper and it not be mine. :)

While you are still quite new and your birth is still fresh in my mind, I still think it would be nice for you to have a sister. Call me crazy...

I am so looking forward to your companionship and one day as you become grown, your friendship.