Monday, July 28, 2008

Five Things To Be Thankful For

I have been meaning to post this for posterity (so one day when Caleb has kids I can show him), so I figured now was a good time in order to understand how much I've been needing the story that I shared yesterday as a mother.

My oldest son is extremely strong-willed, if you haven't picked up on that yet. I do plan to do a posting in the future of some of our more humorous experiences with it. I'm not sure of God's overall purposes for having Caleb share the Bible stories at camp, but I do know that God knew I needed that encouragement.

About a week and a half ago, Caleb was in a grumbling kind of mood. I finally had enough of it and told him that he needed to write down five things he was thankful for in his life. After two attempts that I had to reject completely over a span of 45 minutes, this is what I got...

Cap - as in marker cap, because they keep markers from drying up.

Wood - because we can build things, like houses, with it.

Wax - because that's how we get candles.

Blue - because it's nice and a lot of things are that color.

10 - because he likes that number, it's his favorite.

Yeah. No family, food, or house. No God, church, or friends. No toys, books, or pets. We get marker caps, wood, wax, the color blue, and the number 10. So, I accepted it, then we had a long talk about what would be more appropriate...again.

Beginning to wonder what he'll share at the table on Thanksgiving... :)


Karen said...

i shared this story with tanner...he howled.......thanks for keeping me laughing with all these stories...i "command" you to keep it up!!! *grin*