Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hometown Antics

Every summer our local Fire Dept. has a Lawn Party for four days. There are rides, games, food, and parades. Fun.

We've made it to two parades in the past, but have never been to the actual Lawn Party. This year, we went and had a blast. Well, okay, I stood with Abigail the whole time and watched my family have a blast, but that was fun as Mommy.

I made Richie take a picture of me and Abigail.

Caleb found friends to ride with and Samuel and Richie hung out together a lot. Richie did make it on a few rides a little more thrilling than below with Caleb. We shared the best lemonade and a funnel cake. What more could you ask for?! :)

I love this picture!

Then, Friday came and we did something I NEVER thought we would do. We put out lawn chairs on the sidewalk of Main St. at 8:00 am. Oh.yes.we.did. It was a tough decision, one we couldn't believe we were making after years of shaking our heads at the ongoing line of chairs each year. Alas, we have now joined the ranks of the hard core parade goers in this town. And you know what, I'm okay with it because I got a front row seat to the parade. We've already decided that we'll do it again next year...will wonders never cease? ;)

Saturday, Caleb and I had a spontaneous "date" night and went to the Lawn Party again. I've been feeling like I'm not getting to enjoy the kids as much right now and each could use some Mommy alone time, so we went with the rule being no riding with friends, just Mom and Caleb. It was fun and I sucked it up like a big girl and we rode a few rides. Of the fast spinning kind. Youch. But of course, I'd do it again for my boy.


Karen said...

so let me officially welcome you to being a TRUE bwater person!!!! one cannot enter this elite status without attendance to the lawn party....and the lack in your childrens lives will now be completely the chairs, on the sidewalk - not sure what club THAT is...i think along the lines of senior citizenry but i am not completely positive since we will NEVER take part........ok ok.....*Grin*