Thursday, July 10, 2008

Caleb's Big "8" Day

Caleb turned 8 today. Wow, I'm the mommy of an 8 year old. Of course, him being the independent type, he stopped calling me mommy a couple of years ago much to my sadness.

We had a good day. Swimming lessons in the morning. Birthday pancakes at lunch, with blueberries this year. Our traditional birthday slide - this started spontaneously 2 years ago, he and I go to a little pocket park and he has to slide down a huge metal slide as many times as he is old. Birthday dinner of his choosing - Subway this year and ice cream (I'm making a Lego Star Wars cake tomorrow when he has a couple friends coming over). Unplanned time with some friends (15 and 12 yr. old brothers who are GREAT with the kids). Opening presents - we stuck with the 3 present rule we started at Christmas (premise being that Jesus had three presents at his birth).

Last year, I had 5 minutes of teariness when I thought about how fast 7 years went by and how soon he would be 14 and then 21, but not this year. Perhaps it's just the season with the new little one or maybe he's hit this stage where he just acts older (hey, you're 8, not 15!) and it already gives me plenty to deal with. Dunno. :) Anyway, just wanted to jot down a few things about him so one day I can remember and smile.

He is a sweet boy with a tender heart. He loves his brother and sister dearly. He will peek in Samuel's room with me at night. When he sees him, he still says, "Awww." He still likes to snuggle - but only at home. He makes us "presents" out of his legos. He even made Abigail a big lego flower before she was born that I'm supposed to put in her room.

Very intelligent and he loves to learn. When he was 4, a teacher told him he was a genius...he believed her and quoted her frequently for 2 years. He is set on being an archaeologist. His biggest desire is to find Noah's ark. He has collections galore and will examine books pertaining to them for hours.

Extremely strong-willed and opinionated. I've got a blog entry about this one forming in my mind, so I won't really go into it here. He has always had pretty good reasoning, not that it means it's always right. :) My mom says he'd make a good lawyer.

A natural leader. I remember taking him to the park when he was 3 and a complete stranger approached me and began to talk about what a leader Caleb would be some day. And, those types of comments have continued to come as he gets older.

Follower of Christ. Some of the most profound statements come out of this child's mouth. He loves God and wants to serve Him. He has had dreams of heaven, adamant he has seen an angel (I believe him), and is willing to take a stand for the King of Kings (the first time being when he was 4).

This is just a brief glance at who he is. Happy Birthday, Caleb! The Lord blessed me the day he brought you into my life! I love you!!