Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scales Of Injustice

Today is a day of injustice. The day they take this tired mama and make her stand on a metal contraption that laughs at her and says horrible things about her weight.

Oh, I actually didn't gain all that much with this pregnancy, but considering I was lugging an extra twenty around since Samuel's birth, I started with a huge disadvantage. I mean it took me two years to begin losing weight after Caleb was born. Samuel was 18 months when I got pregnant with Abigail, so I didn't stand a chance. :)

So today, all the "should be"s and "should not"s are swirling through my head as I prepare for this dreaded day. Should be at least walking every morning. Should not enjoy ice cream with family. Ugh!

You work hard to help bring your child into this world, suffer from sleep deprivation, have multiple tasks that are lacking your attention around the house, and you are supposed to go smilingly get weighed and have those numbers scream accusations at you. And yes, they do scream, while a nurse stands there and documents it all.

It's a travesty I tell you, a travesty.