Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Farewell To Summer

Thought it might be fun to share a few somethings from my summer...

  • Something life changing - having my third child, first daughter
  • Something that I learned - if Caleb is kept busy, he gets in less trouble
  • Something I lost - Abigail's baby weight, now I'm working on Samuel's :)
  • Something I wish I had gotten - a pomegranate bush I saw for $10
  • Something fun I did - played hide and go seek at night
  • Something that made me almost pee my pants - getting scared while playing hide and go seek at night
  • Something frustrating - moving out everything from my kitchen cabinets and still not having the new ones installed
  • Something I worried about - Samuel's speech
  • Something that drove me to my knees - being a wife
  • Something sweet - watching the boys love on their sister; all the notes Richie hid around the house on my birthday (31 to be exact)
  • Something ugly - the mouse we caught in the kitchen
  • Something I coveted- land in the country
  • Something we got at a yard sale - carpet for $25!, which fit perfectly in an upstairs bedroom
  • Something scary - not being able to find Samuel when he got quiet
  • Something that made me happy - visiting with family
  • Something I regret - not using the fire pit at night more often
  • Something unexpected - the spaghetti squash growing in my garden
  • Something I started - making serious changes to the way we eat
  • Something I made - good friends


Jolanthe @ No Ordinary Moments said...

Love the baby weight one. :) Ok - love the post period. :)


Alaina said...

Great blog! I just wanted to let you know I will add you to the form. I am not sure why you are not seeing the form. (Google Docs)

Thanks for stopping by!

Karen said...

yeah yeah yeah...and WHY did you almost pee your pants playing hide and seek???????????? you will never let me live that down will you? *grin*