Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Bubble Popped

After working in the criminal justice system for 6 years, I was ready to live in a bubble. A bubble consisting of life's pleasantries and joys. In complete oblivion to the messy, ugly world. After working in the criminal justice system for 6 years, that's just pretty much impossible. Not to mention the fact that I would have to become a hermit or something not to see the hurt in our world.

But, I still want a bubble to retreat within. Call me unrealistic, a fruitcake, whatever.

I recently had a bubble severely popped and I'm not sure things will ever be the same.

When I first started travelling home from college, there was a house that took my attention. Calling it dilapidated is being generous. But there was something very unique about this house. It always had laundry hanging out on the front porch. Always.

It became a kind of comfort to me and my friends as we crossed the mountain heading to our respective homes. All is good in the world as long as there is laundry hanging out to dry.

As Richie and I began dating, I passed this pearl of wisdom on to him and we always looked to see if the laundry was hanging. Richie recently came home and told me that he found out the story behind that house. And thus began the slow and agonizing death of my bubble.

It was widely known that this particular home was in the business of producing moonshine. And when their moonshine was available for purchase, they had a special signal for their customers...they hung the laundry on their front porch.

POP! Another bubble bites the dust. Call me cynical, but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to look at a clothesline the same way again.



aunt jaclyn said...

This humored me so much. I think I know the house. Brian has even laughed at it, going between your house and Mom's house. He calls it the Jed Clampet House. I'm confident it's the same one.

Crystal said...! I think I know which house you're talking about. Wow.

Karen said... house has laundry on the line quite a bit....*hiccup*

Cheryl said...

i know that house.... but let me be clear- not because i buy moonshine :) but because I too would pass that house and see the laundry hanging out-- and eventually heard that story...

Jo Ann said...

I'm feeling guilty, so I thought I'd was not my intention to gossip about this house or the person(s) who reside there. For all I know, they are "retired" and just hang up their laundry there still.

I just thought it was humorous that for 14 years I had this silly comfort in their laundry when in reality it was a cover for illegal activity. Life is funny like that.

I just didn't think about so many people knowing what house I was talking about. Sorry.