Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Finally. Finally. Finally. I got my camera and computer to talk. And I am so. stinkin'. excited. I can hardly stand it. Finally I can share pictures of whatever I want.

Like a picture featuring a wonderful pair of toddler feet that I love so much. I could just kiss them. And if you remember my aversion to feet, you know there's something special about them.

Or I can show you Abigail's newest feats. Like pulling herself up, which she's been doing for about 2 weeks now.

Or maybe even Caleb's latest style, which happens to change almost daily. And yes, he calls it a style. When I asked what this style was he replied, "Adventure with my friend style." Please note, remember to use a rope as your belt when you want to have an adventure with a friend.

But instead, I think I'll just show you a recent random drawing from around our house. Drawn by none other than Richie. He said he can't draw the face of an elephant. I'm wondering if he's trying to send me a message...



Crystal said...

LOL...I'm confident Richie isn't trying to send you any message having to do with an elephant. :) He is an impressive artist, however. It reminds me of the Babar books.

Jolanthe @ No Ordinary Moments said...

You and Crystal will get along VERY well now that she has read that you dislike feet in general...as does she. :)

except baby feet. :)