Friday, January 9, 2009

At The Dinner Table

While visiting my mom over Christmas, we enjoyed quite the variety of foods. Asian, Puerto Rican (of course), Italian, Mexican, and many more. One night my mom made bratwurst and sauerkraut.

Now, there was a time when I wouldn't have touched the stuff, but my taste buds are apparently diminishing with age, so it's good now. At least that's what my grandaddy used to say. Anyway, it was really yummy and everyone seemed to be enjoying.

Caleb had his food carefully arranged on his plate ranked in order of what he would eat first to last, based on likeability. I have no idea where he gets picky eating from. Nope, no idea... So as he was sharing what order he would eat his foods in, he explained that "Sauercrap" would be first. Because he did not like sauercrap.

Sauercrap? I know buddy, there was a day before my taste buds grew dull that I thought the same thing. You know, there are days when I wonder how in the world I'm supposed to be mature and not laugh at some of the things that come out of these kids mouths. *grin*

Seriously though, I am thankful for the innocence that remains in him and that he had no idea why the adults at the dinner table busted out laughing.



Crystal said...

Hey, I made brats & sauercrap this week! I guess when we have yall over for dinner I'll choose another dish. ;-)