Saturday, January 31, 2009

Have You Heard About H.R. 1?

Please note, I'm going to get a little "political" here and I'm not making any apologies. (If I've made an error, please feel free to discuss it with me, just be nice. I only look tough and intimidating.)

So there's lots of talk surrounding the CPSIA and its ignorantly broad wording (go here for a decent overview of it). Lead stinks. No I don't want my kids ingesting it, but I also don't want them to choke on food, so perhaps we should pass some new legislation testing every morsel of food for choking hazard potential. Pudding will never be the same. Ridiculous right? That's my point. Come on, Washington...

Anyway, that's not what this post is about.

Have you heard about H.R.1 The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that just passed the House? Unbelievable. If I understand this correctly...

At first I was just outraged that this bill would raise taxes for my grandchildren. No, you read that grandchildren. We are going to fix our economy by dumping more debt onto our grandchildren's shoulders. Nice. Surely I can't be the only one who thinks this is wrong? Shall I even go as far to say morally unacceptable? Aye carumba.

Upon further investigation, you will discover a myriad of noteworthy ways "we" are going to create all these jobs to stimulate our economy. Here are some fine examples I've borrowed from The Family Research Council and American Family Association:

  • $3 Billion for Prevention & Wellness Programs, Including $335 million for STD Education and Prevention -- Recent government expenditures in this area include a transgender beauty pageant in San Francisco that advertised available HIV testing and an event called “Got Love? – Flirt/Date/Score” that taught participants how “to flirt with greater finesse.”

  • The bill provides billions in reforming the health care system and working towards nationalized health care – with little to no debate.

  • $25 million to rehabilitate off-roading (ATV) trails (Pg. 45 of Senate Appropriations Committee report: "$25,000,000 is for recreation maintenance, especially for rehabilitation of off-road vehicle routes, and $20,000,000 is for trail maintenance and restoration")

  • $34 million to remodel the Department of Commerce HQ (Pg. 15 of Senate Appropriations Committee report: $34,000,000 for the Department of Commerce renovation and modernization")

  • $400 million for NASA scientists to conduct climate change research

Just to name a few.

Please consider contacting your Senators asking them to vote against H.R. 1. It's not just our future that depends on it.



Anonymous said...

Very good points - I read a article on the CPSIA action in our favour. Go to my weekly page (in menu bar) for link.

Miss Jocelyn