Friday, January 23, 2009

Fine Feathered Friends

Apparently these guys missed the lesson where you learn to go south for the winter. Because they are still here. And with the freezing temperatures we've had lately I have been feeling awfully sorry for them.

They are cold. They are hungry. And they keep coming in our yard looking for food. I happen to have a two year old who absolutely loves them. So...we feed them. A lot.

I like them for the most part. Except for their poop. Which happens to be plentiful. I have enough poop to deal with in my life. I don't need theirs.

And they are beautiful. Except when they attack each other. Then they just make me mad. I always throw the underdogs extra food. I don't subscribe to the survival of the fittest flock.

Okay, I always throw the female ducks extra food too. But that's just because we've got a common bond. Baby raising. Gotta look out for my sisters.

Then there are the Canadian geese. These suckers are loud. But they are pretty too. And I've never caught them picking on each other. They must do it behind my back.

There were probably about 100 of them at the river today. I'm still wondering why they aren't getting into formation and heading for warmer weather?

Now you see this feathery lady? She joined our crew this spring. She is not a duck. She is a goose, but does not hail from our northern neighbor. She's the only one of her kind. I thought we might be friends. Two lone girls in a hostile world. Then I got to know her.

Don't let her shy, demure pose fool you. She is bossy. And obnoxious. Especially in the summer when the windows are open and I'm trying to ignore the fact that I should be prying my eyes open.

Yet, I still have somehow become attached to her. Caleb named her "Honky Gonky". It was nice to see her again. Not to mention that she kept very quiet. I really liked that.

And here, my friends, is a picture of my three favorite turkeys. Gobble, gobble.