Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Funerals As Viewed From An 8 Year Old

Let me apologize in advance if this offends anyone. That's always a great way to start isn't it?

We had a dear sister in the Lord recently pass away and as we were discussing the viewing and funeral, I had a humorous conversation with Caleb that I want to remember. And I think Darlene would have gotten a chuckle from it anyway. (Since she's dancing with Jesus right now I especially don't think she'd care...)

Me: I'm going to be leaving in about 15 minutes.
Caleb: Can I come with you?
Me: No, you guys are going to stay here with Daddy while I go.
Caleb: Aw, I really want to go.
Me: Why do you want to go?
Caleb: Ugh, because I want the food. It is so good.
Me: Caleb, I'm going to the viewing, not the funeral. There won't be any food there.
Caleb: Oh. *insert pause* What's an interviewing for anyway?...

Someone better make sure I have really good food at my funeral or this boy is going to be awfully disappointed. *grin* In his defense, he has attended two funerals, one of my grandmother's and Richie's dad. Both had very good church potluck meals for us.



Christin said...

So NOT offended. I love it when kids mix up stuff like this.