Saturday, February 14, 2009

You Are...

You are the apple of my eye,
the pumpkin in my pie.
The soft, blooming flower in spring.

You are the funnel cake at the fair,
the smell of autumn in the air.
The brilliant color in my world.

You are the snowflake on my tongue,
the silliest song ever sung.
The warm breeze on a summer day.

You are the puddle in which I jump,
the juiciest strawberry, nice and plump.
The sparkling dew on the grass.

You are the eskimo kiss on my nose,
the tickle on my toes.
The laughter dancing in the air.

You are the finer things of my world,
You add so much to my life.
I thank God for making you mine.

You are so very precious to me,
yet there is One who loves you more.
And His you will always be.



Anonymous said...

So cute. Your kids all have such beautiful sparkle eyes!