Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Resolve...

Knowing that I am extremely structured, disciplined, and organized, *cough, cough, gasp*, you won't be surprised to learn that I actually have been piecing some goals together for this year.

Quit being dramatic and pick yourself up off the floor.

I tend to be rebellious about resolutions, being a sick perfectionist who does not desire the feelings of failure resulting from broken resolutions. And who has a problem with procrastination. And distraction, don't forget distraction. Um, what were we talking about?...

Anyway, this year I have made a few goals for myself and well, now that I'm posting them, I'll have to stick with it.

Without further ado, drumroll please.

In 2009, I resolve to :

  1. Cut the number of times I say, "Hold on a minute", to the kids in half. Now, I have no way to realistically measure this, it's just something I'll know. Somewhere my Methods professor is banging his head against a wall...

  2. Find a loose schedule for cleaning, chores/allowance, etc., that works for us. I'm really hoping routine (*shudder*) and I can find some way to coexist this year.

  3. Expand the garden this year and preserve at least half the fruit and vegetables we go through in a year. I've got a lot of learning to do in this area and hopefully I'll find some other affordable resources to obtain organic food to put away. (By the way, has anyone been to the local produce auction? I'd love to hear about your experience.)

  4. Finally nail down a budget. The last time I tried this, I ended up in tears. First from the frustration of not being able to make it all work, then from gratitude to God for the fact that I couldn't make it all work. He clearly extends His hand of provision to us.

  5. Have the house in order by April 1st. It doesn't have to be perfect, but there's a lot of room for improvement. I love to have company and want those in my home to feel comfortable.

  6. Become better friends with consistency and discipline. Personal prayer time, obedience to God, 'nuff said.

  7. Lose 10 pounds and find ways to incorporate exercise into my daily routine at least 4 days a week.

  8. Nourish the relationships in my life. In a culture that is focused on things, I want to be focused on people. It's possible to be surrounded by people and feel very alone.

So there you have it. Eight ways you can help keep me accountable this year.



aunt jaclyn said...

You seriously inspire me to set some of my own goals this year. Am i allowed to have a few frivolous ones?

1. Giving Samuel more belly zurberts.

2. Loving on Caleb more and cultivating "his style" from an awesome Aunt's perspective.

3. Giving Abigail more sweet kisses and I really want to make her a dress for the summer.

I'll keep working on my serious lifestyle ones. Thanks for the motivation.